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Hercules Hooks

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Hercules Hook As Seen On TV
MSRP: $19.99
TV Guys Price: $9.99
You Save: $10.00 (50 %)
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Item Number: 5oz-Dlx-Hercules-Hooks
Condition: New

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Hercules Hooks
Hercules Hook Features:
  • The Hercules Hook works anywhere you want it to. Just twist, push and turn
  • When it's removed, you're left with just a pin size hole
  • Compare that to other nails and hooks that leave unsightly craters and cracks
Introducing Hercules Hooks. Each small steel Hercules Hook supports up to 150 pounds! That's the weight of an average person! Installs easily by hand with no tools, through a pin-size hole. Hang everything from small frames to heavy mirrors and shelves. Just twist, push and turn.
The Hercules Hook is the easiest way to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves just about anything. Hercules Hooks are easy to install just twist, push and turn! No more drilling or pounding to try to find a stud - No more damaged walls! The reinforced steel design provides the muscle to hang and hold up to 150 lbs. Great for plaster, drywall or paneling.

Twist, Push, Turn. Pick a point on the wall where you want the bottom of the hook to sit. Then, measure 1/4" directly above that point and set the tip there. Next, with firm forward pressure, twist the hook back and forth (like a key) until you have chiseled through the wall. Now turn the Hercules Hook upward and push completely into the wall until only the hook is exposed.

The Hercules Hook doesn't require and tools for installation, nor do you need to find studs for installation.

Product  Includes:

  • 20 Hercules Hooks
  • Bonus: Free Laser Marker (Colors Vary)

Product Reviews

(12 Ratings, 11 Reviews) Average Rating:
Hercules Hooks
(Unknown) 4/17/2008 4:10 PM
You know it's got to be good when your kids fight over who gets to use it. We just rented a home and so I had to be careful of the walls. The holes are bigger than I thought they would be but, I found I only needed one hook to do the job that would have needed more than one nail. It was so easy that I didn't have to wait for my husband to help. YOU ROCK BILLY MAYS.
Buying my second set
Anonymous (Unknown) 3/10/2010 12:39 AM
Tip #1 - Start with a tiny drill bit, then slide the Hercules Hook in. Once i did it this way, I was able to hang 14 pictures on a wall in about 10 minutes. Tip #2 - By leading with the drill bit, you know whether you're on a stud or not. If you are hanging a bunch of pictures in a row, and one of them is on a stud, grab some wire clippers, clip the bulk of the Hook off, then slide it into the drilled hole. Now all the pictures are totally even. Adds an additional 30 seconds to install time. Problem solved.
Hercules Hooks
Anonymous (Unknown) 4/6/2008 9:33 PM
I love these hooks! They make hanging up anything so easy. I moved into a new apartment last year and have used them to hang up everything. I almost used my whole pack already! I loved them so much I bought them for my dad for fathers day last year.
Billy Mays Hercules Hooks
Anonymous (Unknown) 12/3/2009 9:32 AM
These hercules hooks are the best! I used them all over a new home. I hung items from a few ounces to very heavy wall mirrors. No hammers required and small holes in your walls. I will be ordering more ...this is a MUST HAVE product. Happy in Las Vegas!
Drywall Hanger Hooks
Anonymous (Unknown) 7/22/2008 9:01 PM
I just finished building a new house and I have to say these were the easiest and best item I have ever used to hang pictures,shelves,clocks,plates anything you can think of . In fact I am ordering another set so I can also use these in the garage. GREAT PRODUCT
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